Hopscotch Quilt Launch Day

We are so excited to launch our first Pattern Drop Pattern today, the Hopscotch Quilt by Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter. Amy is an accomplished quilt designer, blogger, author, and fabric designer. You’re going to love working with this quilt pattern, and how it lends itself to playing with color.

Half Square Triangle Video Tutorial

Make sure to check out Amy’s video tutorial for making 16 half square triangles in no time at all!

Pattern In 2 Sizes

This pattern is available in 2 sizes–a generous sized throw quilt, and a baby quilt. As a bonus, we have given you fabric requirements and cutting instructions in case you want to make a square, borderless baby quilt, too!

December Pattern Package

The December pattern package contains a few things: most importantly, Amy Smart’s pattern! You will also receive a coloring page (in 2 sizes) to help plan your quilt, as well as a few different examples of how you can color the quilt to help you think outside the box, if you want.  We have also included a “want to make this quilt” page for the throw and baby size quilts–If you want to make the quilt just like (or similar to) the quilts above, we share the fabric name, the number of pieces to cut from each fabric, etc.

Using Color 

One of the things we are looking forward to most is seeing how each of you use color and make this quilt your own–fabric choices and placement can change the look of a quilt so much. Please tag us on Instagram @patterndrop and use our hashtags #patterndrop and #patterndropcolor so we can follow along!

Isn’t amazing that all of these quilt mockups come from the same pattern? I think the minimalist one is my favorite, maybe because I have a minimalist version all cut out and ready to go on my design wall. Note: There are not cutting instructions included for each of these quilt variations, but using the coloring page, you could figure out how many half square triangles, rectangles, squares, etc. you would need to cut. 

Amy Smart on Designing Quilt Patterns

Listen to Amy talk a little bit about designing quilt patterns, and her favorite part of the job!

“I love teaching a pattern and just seeing the different color palettes that people show up with. It changes the whole look of that pattern, and gives it new life. And so I’m so excited about collaborating with Pattern Drop … and can’t wait to see what people do with it!”

-Amy Smart, Diary of a Quilter

December Quilt Specs

Did you know that you can click on the drop down menus below to see the quilt specs? You can find out which thread, sewing machines, specialty rulers, needles, fabric–all of the little things I love to geek out about–we used for each quilt.

Blank Item
Throw-size Quilt Specifications (click to view)
Blank Item
Baby-sized Quilt Specifications (click to view)


Exclusive to Pattern Drop

Each month members get a quilt pattern delivered via email. And, just to give you a taste for what else is coming, here are a few photos of the upcoming January pattern…

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Specifications (click to view)


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