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The FIJI Turtle Quilt PDF Quilt Pattern was designed and made by Samantha Blakelsey, and is available exclusively through Pattern Drop.

I love the many variations you can make, including solid turtle centers, and the inspiration behind the quilt. The generous throw size quilt measures 72-1/2” x 78-1/2”.

This graphic quilt looks great with solids, prints, or a combination of the two–make sure to tag your quilts and projects with #FIJIturtlequilt. You can piece the turtle bodies, or use a single piece of fabric, depending on the look you are going for.

This 17 page pattern has clear, tested instructions, full color illustrations, a coloring page, and additional color ideas to help plan your quilt. I love the border, and that it is unique–only found on the top and bottom of the quilt. In this version, Sam used a variety of Karen Lewis prints in ocean-themed colors.

From Sam: The quilt design was inspired by our close connection with Fiji, since we have family there and we named our youngest, River Waitui, with a Fijian middle name. I originally made this quilt for him. As I was designing quilts on day I found myself staring at the Fijian tapa cloths that hang in our hallway, admiring the traditional shapes and patterns. Turtles are one of the most important symbols in Fijian culture, so I thought that I’d like to do a turtle quilt, where the tapa patterns have a home on the turtle shells.
The rest of the quilt is a mix of symbols that can be seen as either a river or an ocean. Since Waitui means King of the Ocean, both are appropriate.