The Float On Quilt Pattern, designed by Jen Carlton Bailly of Betty Crockerass, is the featured November 2018 Pattern Drop pattern.

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This quilt pattern works great in solids and prints, and is especially good for digging into your stash/scrap quilting.

We have a few 4.5” acrylic templates for sale–this quilt is made of 1/4 circles, similar, but different than drunkards path blocks.  The pattern comes with paper templates for all of the sizes of circles–Jen suggests either buying a set of her templates, or creating templates out of template plastic (instead of just paper).

This pattern has clear directions, tips for successful curved piecing, a coloring page, and multiple color story suggestions for your quilt!

Jen also has a tricks and tips section on her website that might be helpful. 

Its almost impossible to see, but Jen has pieced in white on white prints into this quilt. Its such a cool effect!!!

I love seeing her mix of fabrics, scrappy old and new prints. Such a good use of stash prints!

Finally, the binding. The white is such a good choice! It really allows the bubbles to float on. 😉