Sugarhouse Quilt by Katie Blakesley

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This is the January Quilt, also known as the Sugarhouse Quilt.  This is a fun one for me to release for two reasons—it is exclusive to Pattern Drop, so you can’t buy it on my site or anywhere else, and it is designed by me [Katie from Swim, Bike, Quilt].  Bonus–I named it after a favorite park in Salt Lake City.

Photographs by Ellie Cox

Pattern In Two Sizes

The Sugarhouse Quilt is made of 5 supersized traditional quilt blocks that I included as part of the Summer Sampler 2016, and is a block I just couldn’t get out of my head. I love the many variations this pattern lends itself to.  It comes in two sizes: twin sized [74’’ x 90’’], and throw size [54’’ x 54’’—the quilt construction is the same, you just leave off the borders].

This pattern looks completely different depending on fabric choices and fabric placement. As always, the pattern comes with a coloring page and 4 color variations to help you think outside the box, if you want to take that path.


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A Peek into Katie’s Studio


I had to share this picture, taken last spring, for three reasons. One, my kids seem to love being in the studio with me. Two, I bought those plants the week of the photoshoot, and they are still alive and lovely!  Three, those blocks on the wall were the original Sugarhouse quilt blocks. I changed the color scheme, but love seeing them up there in pieces. 


My favorite part of the creative process is working with color. I love how changing the color can instantly change the mood of a quilt, or of a room, or of a painting. I love that you can identify some quilters’ work at a glance, just by how they use color. Rita from Red Pepper Quilts, Krista from Print Shop Textiles, and Rachel from Stitched in Color are a few quilters whose work is identifiable at a glance.

With this quilt, I used my favorite color—teal—as a basis, I rarely work with ombre or a single color in a variety of shades [+ neutrals], so it was fun to try something new with this quilt.

My studio isn’t currently this clean, but it is this colorful.  When we bought our house a few years ago, there was a small flood in between when we bought the house and moved in.  I wasn’t thrilled about the flood, but was thrilled to put in this teal marmoleum floor! It is my favorite part of my entire house.

For the second quilt, I wanted something a little darker, a little bolder, a little more masculine.  I was making a quilt with a specific friend in mind, and tried to channel her style.  I loved using  bits and pieces of Gleaned, the new [soon to be released] line by Carolyn Friedlander, especially paired with the Robert Kaufman Yarn Dyes. This sparkly yarn dye is going straight to the top of my list of favorites! I love how much the pattern changes when you remove the large amounts of negative space, and can’t wait to see what you make.

Blank Item
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“My favorite part of the creative process is working with color. I love how changing the color can instantly change the mood of a quilt, or of a room, or of a painting.”

-Katie Blakesley

January Partner

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The February Pattern

Next month, we are excited to send you the pattern for this quilt, designed by Lee Heinrich from Freshly Pieced. 



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