Spectrum Quilt Launch Day

Today is launch day! My favorite day.

We are so excited to launch the Spectrum Quilt pattern by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Quilts. Make sure to check in tomorrow, when we will share a little bit more about Faith! I made not one, but two flying geese quilts based on this pattern, and I love how they both turned out!

Quilt Along

I’m really excited to announce that this is our quarterly quilt along quilt! I thought it would be fun to host a Use Your Stash Quilt Along–I’m planning to join in, too. Make sure to check out this post to learn more about the Quilt Along!

March Pattern Package

The March pattern package contains a few things: most importantly, Faith’s pattern! You will also receive a coloring page (in 2 sizes) to help plan your quilt, as well as a few different examples of how you can color the quilt to help you think outside the box, if you want.  We have also included a “want to make this quilt” page for the throw and baby size quilts–If you want to make the quilt just like (or similar to) the quilts above, we share the fabric name, the number of pieces to cut from each fabric, etc.

Using Color 

One of the things we are looking forward to most is seeing how each of you use color and make this quilt your own–fabric choices and placement can change the look of a quilt so much. Please tag us on Instagram @patterndrop and use our hashtags #patterndrop and #patterndropcolor so we can follow along!

Isn’t amazing that all of these quilt mockups come from the same pattern?  Note: There are not cutting instructions included for each of these quilt variations, but using the coloring page, you could figure out how many half square triangles, rectangles, squares, etc. you would need to cut. 

March Quilt Specs

Did you know that you can click on the drop down menus below to see the quilt specs? You can find out which thread, sewing machines, needles, fabric–all of the little things I love to geek out about–we used for each quilt.

Blank Item
Throw-size Quilt Specifications (click to view)
  • Pattern Design: Spectrum by Faith Jones from Fresh Lemons Quilts
  • Flying Geese Video Tutorial
  • Alison Glass Fabric:
    • Pink/Coral: Diatom in Peach, Insignia in Pomegranate and Salmon, Sphere in Ruby, Link in Taffy,
    • Purple: Sphere in Raspberry, Sphere in Orchid, Pomegranate in Thistle, Overgrown in Plum
    • Blue: Diatom in Seaside,  Compass in Peacock, Insignia in Duck Egg and Navy, Sphere in Tiffany,
    • Gray Insignia in Charcoal, Sphere in Pewter, Depths in Anchor, Compass in Ink
    • Yellow: Insignia in Chartreuse, Sphere in moss, Latitude in Seaweed
    • A few fun fabrics from my scrap bin, too!
  • Pieced by Katie Blakesley on a Janome 8900 machine with a Schmetz Microtex 80/12 needle using Aurifil 50 weight Cotton “Natural White NR-6007” thread
  • Quilters Dream natural cotton white batting —you can buy some here!
  • Quilted by Abby Latimer 
  • Hand-stitched binding by Annette Clark using Gütermann cotton-poly thread.



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