Buy the Pattern Here–it will be emailed to you January 3, 2019.

This is the January 2019 Pattern Drop Pattern, designed by Katie Blakesley of Swim Bike Quilt. [Katie also designed last January’s pattern, available here.]

The original inspiration for this quilt came from a photograph of a photo installation that I saw about 15 years ago–I wish I could remember the details, and the design idea has always stayed with me. The name of the quilt, Mt. Olympus, is named after a local mountain that I can see from my yard–I have actually hiked to the top of it, and it is no joke! The stepping stone nature of this quilt makes the name quite apropos.

This quilt pattern provides for a lot of experimentation. It is simple to piece, and I think sometimes the easier the quilt is to piece, the more creative freedom you have to experiment with color. It was designed to be versatile–it looks good with both the smallest and the largest blocks in the upper left hand corner. Use a mix of prints [the top photo is the original constellations by Lizzy House--did you see that Constellations 2019 is available now!!? I think the mix of colors would be really cool in this quilt, either at random or in a rainbow/color gradation.]

Drop one or more borders, like I did in the quilt below.

Use all solids, or a mix of solids and prints, like I did below!

Don’t be afraid to make it yours, and happy sewing!