Introducing the Solitude Star Quilt, in two sizes (44” x 44” and 76” x 76”)

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I originally made a version of this quilt for my nephew years ago (see above)–he is now in kindergarten, and I’m thrilled to share the pattern today. I made this version of the quilt for his younger brother–my sister told me it was her favorite quilt I had ever made, and wondered if I would make a coordinating one for her younger son. Done and done!

This quilt works really well in solids, a coordinated fabric line, or a selection of your favorite scrappy prints, like this version. I had to throw that Star Wars print in there 😉

This graphic quilt looks great with solids, prints, or a combination of the two–make sure to tag your quilts and projects with #solitudestarquilt.

This 7 page pattern has clear, tested instructions, full color illustrations, a coloring page, and additional color ideas to help plan your quilt.

Enjoy making your own! Use the hashtags #patterndrop and #solitudestarquilt if you do–I would love to see them!