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I love the Spectrum Quilt by Faith Jones–it has a lot of movement and looks great in almost every fabric combination! I’ve had a lot of fun with this quilt along, and if you want to make the quilt but haven’t started–these posts aren’t going anywhere! Reference them when you have time.

Have you ever auditioned different quilting styles on a quilt top? Sometimes, it is hard to visualize what the quilting will actually look like. I’ve made the mistake of guessing what kind of quilting will look good on a favorite quilt top, only to rip it all out again.


There are a few different ways to audition your quilting.

1. There is nothing wrong with low tech! Take a photo of the quilt, print it out, and use a pen or pencil to draw different designs on the quilt top–either all on the same page, or print multiple pages.  Our coloring pages, that we provide with each pattern, are also a great place to sketch quilting designs.

2. Use a big sheet of clear plastic or plexiglass–place it over the quilt, and draw different quilting options with a dry erase marker. I’ve never done this, but can see the appeal!

3. Make a mini quilt in the same style, and then practice your quilting on that! For example, using the Spectrum pattern, you could easily make additional flying geese, and practice your quilting on the mini quilt.

4. Call or text a friend. Sounds silly, but my quilting friends almost always have better ideas than me.

5. Utilize Instagram! Post a poll in your Instagram stories with a picture of the quilt top, and ask something like, “Straight lines or meander?” I’ve had more than a few successes utilizing Instagram stories, it is usually a landslide vote for one or the other. Note: you can change the “yes” and “no” in the Poll feature on Stories to any words you want!

Luckily for us, Faith Jones [designer of the Spectrum quilt pattern] has done the hard work for us!  Faith mocked up the quilt in Illustrator, and I love how different the quilt looks with the 6 different designs.


Make sure to check out the companion blog post, where Faith actually stitched up samples of six kinds of quilting that would also look great on this quilt–she shows three of these in her video [below]

Pebble Quilting [pink]
Random Angled Lines [orange]
Matchstick Quilting + Matchstick Crosshatch [yellow]
Straight Lines [green]
Stipple/Meander [blue]
Organic Curved Lines [purple]

I love that she included two kinds of meandering–one of the simplest quilting techniques, especially for beginners.

The first is a simple meander, the second, as you can see, is a meander only in the negative space–the actual geese don’t have any quilting on them, which makes them pop!

Each of these quilting styles are things that with a little practice, a beginning and an expert quilter could use to quilt their own quilts. The Spectrum quilt isn’t a giant quilt, so it is a great one to practice on!

Happy sewing!

Pattern: Spectrum by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Quilts–it is the March Pattern Drop pattern, so if you sign up for Pattern Drop any time during the month of March, it will be delivered to your email inbox. If you are already signed up, look for a pattern email on the first Wednesday of the month, which is March 7. [note: if you sign up after March 7, we have an automated email that will be sent to you. It sometimes takes a few hours for our payment gateway to communicate with our automated system, but you will get it shortly!]”

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The schedule is as follows:

Week 1: March 5-9: Fabric Selection, Pattern Delivery, and Cut your Fabric [You can watch Lee talk about color here]

Week 2: March 12-16: Piece those flying geese [with a tutorial video for reference]

Week 3: March 19-23: Sew together the quilt top

Week 4: March 26-30: Baste, Quilt, and Bind [with a video by Faith Jones all about quilting!]

Bonus Content: Auditioning Quilting Patterns

March 31-April 4: Celebrate, post pictures, do a happy dance!

Hope you use the hashtag #useyourstashquiltalong, and join in the fun!


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