Are you like me, and set your scissors down without paying attention to where they are? Or do you wish your cutting table or sewing machine had a thread cutter?

When Heather Andrus from Quiltstory first posted about her new product, Stringblade, I thought it was brilliant and purchased a 3 pack! I love having them in my sewing space, and am excited to share.  Keep reading for an interview with Heather—if you are a subscriber, check your email for a discount code on Friday! I’m thinking this would make a great stocking stuffer or pick me up gift for a sewing friend (or yourself, let’s be honest.)

On Instagram, Heather (@quiltstory) describes Stringblade as “a handy little cutter, for all your string cutting needs.  Little plastic holders, that have a blade safely inside where your fingers can’t find it to get cut. They have an adhesive strip on the back so you can attach them just about anywhere. I currently have 4 on my sewing machine!”

Heather and her sister Megan (@quiltstorymeg) started their blog and pattern business in 2009. Fun fact: Megan lived around the corner from me in Virginia for a summer. They have continued to write patterns, make beautiful things, and Heather runs Ink and Bobbin, a beautiful illustration shop that sometimes includes Meg’s Whimsey Houses.


Tell me about how Stringblade got it’s start: I am forever creating things in my head, especially when it comes to quilting. I was telling my husband how I wanted a simple little cutter on the front on my machine–in fact, I could use several. He is a Chemical Engineer/Computer geek, so he said “I can make that…” And we actually did! We went through several prototypes and tested for months before I said it was perfect. I knew other quilters and sewers would love it as much as I did, and this is how Stringblade got its start!

Do you have a favorite quilt?  I have a simple 3″ patchwork quilt that we all tend to grab. It is really big and long. And it is backed in minky, which is always nice when you are really cold. Mostly I love it because it has all my favorite little fussy cut prints. Like dogs, and children, and Heather Ross prints.It is also low volume and I am always just happy when I see it.

EPP for the Mischief Quilt–May 17–From @quiltstory

I love quilts that are personally meaningful, or have a story associated with them Do you have any quilts like this? My soon to be favorite quilt I have ever made is actually in progress. My dad passed away 4 years ago. I am making a blue and white quilt with his dress shirts. It is hard for me to do, so I just make a few blocks at a time. I am going to make a label on it telling my kids and their kids how much it means to me, and to never get rid of it!

What is it like to collaborate with your sister on QuiltStory? We are best friends, so we love it. We are basically the same person. We say we are more twins than our identical twin brothers are. We have one problem with our business, and it is that we both have the same strenths…and weaknesses. We love sewing and creating. We don’t love computer time, measurements, and accounting. We work it out in the end.

Finish this sentence: You should stick Stringblade in your friend’s stocking because … your friend will be so happy! Such a simple little tool is actually so helpful! My favorite place to put a Stringblade is front and center on the machine, facing you. You will LOVE this for cutting apart your chain piecing segments.

December Quilt Pattern: Hopscotch by Amy Smart

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